Search Visioning

Search Visioning services is a highly focused transfer of search knowledge and experience from VenTek to its prospects and customers. Our visioning workshops help enterprises realise the full potential of search, by delivering customised search business model, solution and architecture designs.

Who benefits

Search Visioning services cover a broad set of topics related to search, from the high-level strategic challenges to hands-on technical implementation questions. Whether you need innovative search-based business models, search usability evaluation and design documents, new and customised search feature sets, or search architecture plans for optimal flexibility and performance - VenTek can help. Past clients have used the deliverables from the workshops to plan for short- and long-term investments in search; in all cases, the additional outcome of the workshops has been the heightened awareness of the importance of search - the realisation that good enterprise search in not just a technology solution, but also a powerful strategic business tool.

Example deliverables are:

  • Strategic evaluation of new search applications.
  • New search features and a phased project plan.
  • 360-degree audit of an existing search application.
  • Usability, design and evaluation workshop.
  • Deep architecture and functionality analysis.