VenTek Implementation Services

Developing Winning Search and BI Strategies

Our services empower organisations to innovate and gain competitive advantage through Search-enabled business transformation and Business Intelligence applications.

Our service professionals partner with you to maximise your Search and BI experience. Our ultimate job is to ensure that you gain the most out of Search and BI. Our immediate job is to help you customise, implement and efficiently deploy Search and BI technology and solutions.

All our engineers have many years of hands-on experience with Search and BI technology. And each one is committed to implementing and deploying services that meet your business goals. Put them together in disciplined project teams and you get all the skills and background you need to launch your Search and BI solutions quickly and at the lowest cost. When you use our services, you can be sure that your search system will be fully and proficiently operational.

VenTek’s Solution Delivery Methodology lies at the heart of what our services offer. Regardless of project scope, our Solution Delivery Methodology guarantees that your implementation is carried out efficiently.

Our seasoned services team works with you the way you want to work. We make it our business to deeply understand your requirements. We lay out a collaborative project plan with milestones and development processes that act as the guidelines for the implementation process. If you wish, the team can include your corporate project engineers within the team. It’s your search solution, so it’s your call.

Our services team excels at:

  • Working closely with customers to identify their search needs and craft a comprehensive project plan.
  • Applying research on best practices to understand your business objectives and identify the optimum solution.
  • Educating your staff on search best practices.
  • Offering flexible engagements ranging from advisory to full turn-key deliverables. (You decide the best level of support for your needs.)
  • Providing quality assurance that guarantees your search and BI solutions meet all technical and functional requirements.
  • The whole reason for being for our services team is to help your organisation customise, implement and deploy Search and BI solutions – and to do it all quickly and cost-effectively. It’s as simple as that.