Digital Marketing

With the explosion of digital Data, the Marketing Performance Optimization will come through the Digital Marketing Solutions.

IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management suite serves as the marketing optimization platform marketers need to unite marketing across paid, earned and owned media. EMM does this by supporting five key marketing processes across all media types.

Manage is the focus for the Marketing Performance Optimization solution. Collecting, Analyzing, Deciding and Delivering are naturally very customer-centric capabilities. But EMM also helps marketers MANAGE what’s going on within their own organization, streamlining internal processes and improving marketing decisions by measuring results, tracking performance and guiding future marketing investment decisions.

By putting EMM capabilities in place to support these five marketing processes, marketers give themselves the management platform they need to unify and manage their marketing efforts across all media types.

VenTek International can help you implementing solution such as:

  • IBM Coremetrics for Web Site Analytics
  • IBM Tealeaf for Customer Behavior Analysis